Chasmantium 'Latifolium'

This is a perfect choice for any garden in sun or shade. By mid-summer the growth of the bamboo-like foliage slows and blooming begins. One of the best ornamental grasses for cut flowers, as its seedpods don't fracture when dried. This is a beautiful woodland grass that should be in every garden, if only for its decorative panicles.

Excellent both as a specimen and mass-planted. For maximum blooming, give it plenty of sunlight and moisture however its foliage will be a darker green in the shade. In climates with a long growing season it may self-seed. Reported to be salt tolerant. We would love to hear from anyone who can confirm this.

Height: 36-52 Inches
Spread: 34-40 Inches
Flower colour: N/A
Flower time: June- October
Zone: 4-9
Location: Full Sun 6+ hours
  • Full Sun
  • Part Sun
  • Drought Resistant