Alton Greenhouses history

In 1967 Bill (at the ripe age of 15) decided he was going to follow in his Fathersí family footsteps into the greenhouse industry by buying, dismantling and storing the 20,000 sq. foot greenhouse from the Historical Cal-Dale Greenhouse Estate, Brampton Ontario.

In 1980 Billís Dream of owning his own greenhouse business came to fruition after he and his wife Cindy, rebuilt the greenhouses in Alton Ontario some 12 years later.

Alton Greenhouses, once a thriving wholesale business that catered to garden centres, fruit markets and a variety of chain stores, both in Canada and the United States, now is a Retail Garden Centre. GROWING FOR YOU SINCE 1980 has been our slogan for over 37 years, since our first plants appeared on our front lawn for sale with a money collection jar. Many of our first customers can attest to that!

Our Family is always excited to embrace the new season.Seeding, planting and growing the large quantity and variety of plants needed for the season. Our three girls Candice, Jasmine and Billie-Jo share our passion of horticulture. Having been raised in and around the greenhouses their love of plants and the changing needs of our customers keep them enthusiastic about the newest varieties of plants and hottest new items for the garden. Now to our joy we watch the third generation, our grandchildren now playing in the greenhouses and interacting with the customers much the same way our own children did, hopefully a sign of another generation to continue on.